Thank You For Waiting

It could be a while before you hear our next album, we don’t know how long, but the songs are recorded. Business can be tough. We question ourselves a lot but the reality is we’re not always in control— not of the good or bad that comes our way. Like anyone pursuing their dream, we feel like giving up at times. Instead, we must take a step back and view our experiences, our story, through a different lens. Persevere through adversity because if it comes easy it won’t last.


This isn’t a ‘woe is me’ post. Actually, we’ve had a lot of great things happen/are happening, and we can’t wait to share them with you! Sometimes opportunities arise when you least expect them, that’s why it’s so important to never give up. Ultimately, we feel called to try this music thing; to work hard and fight through the challenges that make us a better band, better brothers, and better men.

That doesn’t mean we’re called to be famous or wildly successful. We have to remind ourselves we don’t do this for the results, we do this for “Seymour’s Fat Lady” (as J.D. Salinger would write), that is, for each and every one of you, for God. We need to remind ourselves it’s not really about us, it’s about you. We may not make money, but we can soften hearts.

And so, from the bottom of our hearts, we’re very sorry we haven’t released new music for you in such a long time. We want to share our songs with you sooner, but we’re not always in control. We still have complications staring us in the face right now, but you know what? It’s just another opportunity to learn and grow, an opportunity to practice humility.

There’s a chance this long wait will end up bearing fruit beyond our wildest dreams, or the fruit could end up being vegetables, who knows!? We’re so thankful for all of you who continue to follow, listen to and share our music.

Thank you for supporting us and waiting, oh so patiently, for our next album. :)

- My Brothers And I

Brotherly Highlight - Erik