Brotherly Highlight - Erik

Erik is the multi talented bass-plucker in MB&I. He’s the middle child so we tend to forget about him. Below is a quick Q/A with Erik. We hope you enjoy getting to know, then forgetting about, our favorite bass playing middle child. Enjoy!


When did you start playing music? What instrument?

My adventure started in 2nd grade, if I remember correctly. I was always easily entertained by music, but I started taking private violin lessons in elementary school. Throughout the years I got increasingly interested in a variety of stringed instruments (guitar, viola, bass guitar, upright bass) & eventually got involved in choir.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

I grew up playing Pokemon on my Gameboy Color and, later, obsessing over Halo split-screen sessions with my buddies after school; there’s definitely a gamer inside me. I also enjoy splitting wood! Spending time outside while providing seasoned wood for my family is a welcomed distraction & great workout! Gaming and wood splitting - balance in life is important.

If money were no object, what would you eat for dinner tonight?

My dinner of choice would start with a glass of Pinot Noir (or Old Fashioned), a nice Italian dish, and end with some kind of chocolate-based dessert. 

What is your favorite scene in The Office (U.S.)?

One of best ‘cold openings’ I can remember is when the office is trying to play the Silent Game. Lol 

Have you ever been tempted to purchase something from a video ad?

I’m pretty sure I have a ShamWow somewhere at home. But come on, everyone needs a ShamWow right?!

Are there any musical artists you think you'll always listen to? Even 20 years from now?

I’m a sucker for sad sounding movie & video game scores. Schindler’s List, Midnight In Paris, La La Land, Dunkirk, Up, Battlefield 1, Halo. A specific artists I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of? It has to be a tie between Elle Fitzgerald & Nat King Cole. Truly timeless.

Any random facts?

Buying jackets, shoes & more specifically Hi-Top Converse… it’s a problem I have.

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