Letters from Fans #1

Every now and then we get some down time; a chance to read through our inbox flooded with heartfelt messages, as well as the occasional, “What’s your gamertag bro?!?” The letter we want to share today revolves around one of our ballads. Our amazing fan Sara shares her connection to the song  “Scars”.

“The point I’m trying to make here is that we all have them. They serve a purpose. They are something for us to learn from and build a better life from. It’s all about our perspective (which is really hard to see sometimes). In addition, we aren’t alone with our scars. And there’s comfort in that. While no one has an identical story, they may go through similar circumstances. But even if they didn’t, you are never truly as alone as you feel and that’s something I try to remind my patients of every single day. It’s something I try to remind myself of everyday because it isn’t just them who needs the reminder, I do, too.”

Sara's wrist tattoo - "we've all got scars"

We are humbled and honored to have fans like you Sara. When “Scars” was pushed out into the world, in a way, it ceased to belong to us. We are blown away by how our fans turn our songs into something greater than a ‘nice sounding piece of music.’ Maybe the songs we write have never belonged to us? We pray that you find strength in your fight and approach each new day with hope. Thank you Sara for sharing your story & reminding us all that we are not alone.

This is just a small snippet of her ongoing journey, pulled from the 2nd blog post she’s written about "Scars”! We urge you to read the rest here. If Sara’s story touched you, send her some kind words @sara_the_intern . :)

The “Letters from Fans” blog post will be a reoccurring topic, so keep sending in your messages! It may take us a while to read through everything we receive, life can get crazy, but your kind words and letters of encouragement are invaluable. Note that a member of our team will ask for permission before directly quoting anyone from our amazing community. To all our fans that have reached out to us, or will reach out to us in the future, we thank you.

- My Brothers And I

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