How To: Play Our Songs

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play our songs so you can serenade your crush and make them fall in love with you or your money back *guaranteed?!?! Go check the link below for some super professionally made ‘How-To’ videos for a few of our tunes.

(*But we can’t actually guarantee it. However, if these songs don’t work, then at least you know for sure they just really don’t like you and it’s time to move on. You deserve better. Wow this got way too personal).

How To: YouTube Playlist (Link)

We get emails from fans asking how to play our songs. We thought about writing out the chords, maybe making a PDF of our music, selling them in some sort of bundle, etc. But it all sounded boring and impersonal. As we were throwing around ideas, one fo the brothers noticed that a lot of instrument tutorials on YouTube come from random Joe’s! Rarely do we, as fans, see instructional videos from the person/people who wrote the song… Let’s just do it!

We came to the conclusion that a playlist of videos staring members of the band would be helpful, entertaining, and unique. These videos are shot, edited, and produced by us. So we hope you have fun watching them, as we had too much fun making them. Enjoy!

- My Brothers And I

PS. Be sure to catch the outtakes placed at the end of each episode. :)

Thank You For Waiting