65 Songs in a Year

We’ve learned a lot since we started our music careers. From how to put on an entertaining live show, to how to interview well. But all of those elements don’t mean a whole lot if our songs & their message don’t connect with people. A good song to us, means its well written, catchy, filled with truth and inspired by God. We believe this combination has the ability to move mountains inside of someone. The catch, the ultimate question... how do we write such a song?

We learned a lot from our last studio experience. Heartbeat EP includes tracks we are all very proud of, but it took way too long to record. Simply put, we weren’t as prepared as we should have been. The demos were not as fleshed out, leaving us to debate & experiment in studio. This is usually not the end of the world, many artists can do this successfully. But for us those lulls in the studio really threw off our perspective on who we are and what we sound like as a band.

As our amazing producer, Brandon Rush once said to us, “You’re are at your best with instruments in hand, sitting in a room together, & playing. Workshop every idea without the stress of the studio.” As a band, we decided to really change our mindset this time around; pushing each other to write, play and listen more to each song before going into the studio.


Flashing forward to after the Heartbeat tour, we quickly found out that writing from scratch with the four of us in a room was not productive. (lol)  Don’t get us wrong, we work great with each other! But sometimes you need space to simply put your idea “out there”, then get feedback to help flesh out the idea with fellow band members. Our new approach allowed us time to write as much as possible then join forces (with instruments in hand) and play live together in a room.

The origin of a song for us usually started with a vocal or musical idea that got sent to our group text. From there, if another member feels inspired to add to it or give writing feedback they do--in person or over their iPad/iPhone. Once we figured out this workflow we could harness those musical inspirations that caught us in random moments. For Erik, it was usually singing a chorus line in the car and recording it to his phone. David and Scott glued themselves to their iPads when inspiration hit and Jordan records his guitar jams to find inspiration in melodic ideas. Why wait for some fancy studio time? If the song isn’t catchy, soulful, relatable, or powerful using Garageband, it’s probably not a great song.

We should probably stop writing about the new songs now or we may accidentally leak the upcoming track list. Needless to say we, are excited to get into the studio again. Stay connected with us over social media for sneak peeks and all that jazz.

- My Brothers And I

Brotherly Highlight - Jordan

A Very Brothers Christmas