Pop With A Purpose

For the release of our new EP, Heartbeat, we played 6 shows in 6 days along the Northwest. Playing new songs live for the first time is always exciting and comes with an inherent energy of standing on the edge of a cliff. You aren’t falling, but there is this worry that you might forget how to play these songs or that they won’t come across as intended. The added stressor is the other bands on the bill. You hope they will mesh with your stuff or at least the crowd will dig both sets. Luckily for us, we got connected with another band that felt like we’ve been playing together for years, Dylan Dunlap.


We spent most of the time on the road with the front man, Dylan Dunlap, and his guitarist, Kirk Adolph. Both guys are the nicest people you’ve ever met and have such positive vibes. During one of the late night talks after a show, Dunlap talked about how they are trying to do “pop with a purpose.” We also think this is something that we as a band are striving for. Playing shows, releasing music and trying to sell merch all seems superficial, but deep down we are trying to touch people’s lives. We want to be apart of their story for the better.

One of the stops towards the end of the tour was in LA and during that set in between songs Dunlap, was talking to the audience about our last week together touring. It was a moment that everyone could relate to, but it touched us deeply, as he spoke about how both bands are doing what they believe they were meant to do but the complexities of the business side of music is frustrating. But, in the end, it is about playing music to a listening audience and leaving your heart on the stage floor. That's all we want to do. Play for you. Because we know how hard it is to live sometimes, but music can help give a purpose.

Go follow our friend Dylan Dunlap, you won’t regret it!

-My Brothers And I

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