Live at The Peppermint Club

First off, what an amazing venue! The sound guys, the security crew, the facility staff; all amazing individuals with kind hearts. Some of the security guys left their posts to greet us after our performance. The man guarding the back door of The Peppermint Club walked straight into the green room afterwards… basically preached to us about what he experienced.

“Give it one year my brothers and you’ll make it. Do not stop grinding out there. You have something here so do not let that go and don’t forget who you are. Mark my words, you guys will get there sooner than you think.”


Strangers, on the clock, working hard to keep this venue running like clockwork, taking time out of their shift to share these kind words. Bless the staff working that night and a special thanks to the security team. We appreciated your hard work which allowed everyone inside to enjoy the music in a safe environment.

If you didn’t have the opportunity catch our recent LA show, fret not. LADYGUNN has got you covered.

“Your show at the Peppermint Club was the tail end of your West Coast EP Release tour. What have been some of the highlights of this tour?

David Wurgler: I think just playing a tour with full backing track production was the most fun part. It was our first time playing to a click track and having the in-ear set up and all that jazz. It was a ton of fun! Also, meeting and becoming friends with Dylan Dunlap, who supported us on this tour, and his crew. We got to play every show on the tour with those guys and you’re not gonna find more genuine and loving people. We grew super close with Dylan and can’t wait to play more shows with him.” - LADYGUNN Live Interview

Click here to read the full post-performance Q&A as well as some amazing photos from the live set. Thank you LADYGUNN for covering the show and for the beautiful article. An even bigger thanks to everyone that came out to support us.

- My Brothers And I

Photos: Mallory Turner // Interview: Krista Barry

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