So, you're pursuing something crazy?

As a band, and more importantly family, we have spent a lot of time together. Talking about life, families, responsibilities, and our shared aspiration of gaining even more traction in the music industry. Jordan, our amazing co-writer and guitar player, gathered quotes from our discussions while on the road. Sending us this letter one afternoon:

“I’m not sure who said these quotes. Some of them were me. Some of them are a combination of each band member. Some of them are things I heard in my head. However, I resonate with them and hopefully they resonate with you too. To encourage you to keep pursuing our passion, because, that's what I hope they will do to me.” - Jordan

We hope this post does not come off as pessimistic, moody, or negative. Many Creatives have seasons of wandering. Days, weeks and sometimes months when you reflect on your wok. Ultimately, reflecting on the purpose of your work.


Our quotes about pursuing music.

“It feels like the fourth quarter and every shot counts, but we don’t know when the buzzer will sound. It could be 20 seconds or 20 years.”

“This idea is too overwhelming sometimes. It’s when you think every action will create a reaction that will determine the rest of your career, but you aren’t sure when to take the shot or hold off for the miracle half-court attempt. It’s basically living in tension of trying to do things so quick, but at the same time try and do it with quality. You just hope the process of making it quality won’t kill your chances with anything and doing it too quick didn’t hurt your ‘luck.’ In the end I want to believe this helps shape your career, but sometimes it would be nice to know what tomorrow has in mind.”

“It’s as if we are applying for a job that doesn’t exist with a resumé that doesn’t make sense. Oh and no one could be hiring.”

“Whoa is me, right? It seems like a cry for attention, but this rings so true. The more you find out about how the music industry works, the more you are trying to put the pieces together and make some sense of it. It’s an endless cycle. The more you input to your passion the less you look like someone in society that has a ‘good’ job.”

Final Thoughts.

We have made some tremendous strides this year! Every band member knows how blessed we are. The fact that we even get this opportunity. But, as they say, the struggle is real. As we have read many times, but rarely accept in the moment, the friction is a necessity. For us, creativity is simply the byproduct.

As David so eloquently sings in Scars, “If you keep your head high, You will find your way home.” We pray that these shared questions & comments remind anyone who feels called after reflection and prayer this simple message: You are not alone in your wandering.

- My Brothers And I

Photo: Mark Mason

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