BTS - When You're Ready

We had such a blast working with the Still Moving Pictures crew for our music video for “When You’re Ready.” The experience exceeded our expectations with flying colors. We met with Mark (the director) a few times prior and had an idea of what the day would look like, but the excitement didn’t fully sink in until we walked on set. All the lights…the cameras…the action, oh my!


It was the first time we all played Characters for a video so the process of getting into our roles was fun, new challenge. To really get into the character while filming, Jordan (playing the obnoxious director), was spouting off random lines to the model in the most absurd way. All the words you see him saying in slow-motion are all nonsense about crying trees, Mickey mouse and making it shower bubbles. Jordan was screaming these ridiculous phrases on set, free-styling all his lines. Keep that in mind the next time you watch the video and notice David in the background probably trying to not pull a ‘Jimmy Fallon’ and break character.


The cameo’s by Scott and Erik came to them while searching for Halloween outfits. Turns out that they kind of look like Post Malone and Baby Driver so we thought it would be a silly addition to have them as the makeup artists for the model. When Scott walked out of hair and makeup he was pretty sure he overheard someone whisper and look at him starstruck. That may have been Scott just getting into character and feeling “like a rockstar,” either way it worked.  


None of us had any major lines or acting to do, but we can definitely see how much work goes into filming something like this. Much like an album, there are many hands that go into the making of it. There will also be some conflict and compromise when working in a team setting, but what you shouldn’t compromise on are your personal values and beliefs. Creativity flows in and around those two things. But when you alter them you end up with a product you aren’t happy with, a product that doesn’t reflect who you are. The reason we are creating things is to project consciously, or subconsciously, our values and beliefs about life. We are all proud of this video and all the hard work that the crew did to make it possible. This won’t be the last video you see of us and we are excited for the future and the things to come!

- My Brothers And I


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