Live Session in The Woodshop

This was another great live session experience for us. Official music videos are where we get to work with production companies and create a plot and come up with a product that people can connect with through the story created on screen. Live sessions, however, are where we want to bring you in the room with us. We want you to experience the intimacy of the setting with us and hear the vulnerabilities of a truly live performance.

Live sessions have been one of our staples. We believe our ability to perform our music live and perform it well is one of our greatest strengths as a band. We have done quite a few live sessions, so we wanted to try something a little more intimate this time around. Our buddy has a woodshop that looks super cool so we thought it would be a unique place to play. We felt drawn to the woodshop because we have never seen anyone do a live session in a setting like that. It seemed like an obscure place to record but we have always liked the idea of playing in places you wouldn’t expect. 

Vulnerability is such a rare thing today. We all want to put on a brave face and put our best foot forward and hide all of our imperfections. We fear that if we don’t hide our brokenness and our vulnerability, we will appear weak. This is such a backwards mindset and we hope that our willingness to be imperfect and vulnerable with all of you, will show you it’s okay to be imperfect because we all are. That’s why we are so excited to share these new sessions with you soon, because with the stripped sound, it’s about as intimate as we can get. 

- My Brothers And I


Photos: David James Visuals

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