Heartbeat EP - Tonight's the Night!

What an exciting night! It’s finally here boys and girls.

We have been keeping these 6 songs very close to the chest. A friend of ours recently asked, “What does it feel like, to make a song from nothing and then release it?” Excitement and joy are definitely a part of the equation. Yet, there’s always a third wheel emotion hovering around like a little sibling. Anxiousness.


We are a confident group of guys, but a trait we all share is being honest-to-God people pleasers. The fans, the music, making our families proud. Simply put, we care too much sometimes. We expect every song to be the highest of quality, impactful, and purposeful. So when the release date creeps up on us we can’t help but wonder, even for a brief moment, if our hard work will be enough to move the needle.

Suddenly, a spark ignited. Billboard (yes THE Billboard) got in contact with us, interviewed David, and then wrote an article about the release! They even found a way to let the public listen to the EP a day early, an amazing form of fan service on their part. This article is definitely one of the biggest highlights of our career so far.

The Billboard article, and tweet from the verified Billboard account, were pretty sweet. But it wasn't until the fan messages rolled in that the anxiousness subsided. Everyone started sharing their favorite song, screenshots of the tracks saved to playlists, even the simple heart emoji responses that fluttered in… Guys, girls, fans, friends, family; you are our motivation. These songs are extremely new but we pray that, in time, they find you in where you’re at.

Our goal is to write amazing music while continuing to be a light to those around us. And right now, all we can think about is how blessed we are to have you all supporting us. To our incredible community, thank you. 'Heartbeat' is officially released. This EP is for you!

- My Brothers And I

Live at The Peppermint Club

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