The South & The Food

We recently spent a week playing shows & eating our way through the south. “The food alone is worth the trip,” to quote the movie Almost Heroes, and in this case it’s true. We like to chat with fans after shows and ask for recommendations on food and coffee places. Here are a few spots we hit up and thoroughly enjoyed!

Austin, Texas // There’s nothing better than eating a nice greasy slice of pizza after playing a show, or in this case, after three shows. The day started out with visiting & playing a few songs for our friends at Mood Media. We then cruised over to the Carousel Lounge for an early evening set where one of our fans actually came up and joined David on, “Fly Away.”

“Yeah, I had my head down strumming away,” Jordan recalls, “and then I looked over and saw that Erik was off stage a bit and a women I didn’t know was in his was fantastic!” The night ended with a set at Sofar Sounds. It was a very long day, so we were stoked when fans mentioned a by-the-slice pizza place, East Side Pies!


Birmingham, Alabama // Driving to Alabama we had our first WHATABURGER experience. No story to report really, just wanted to let you know we checked that off our list!

On our day off we spent it drinking coffee & eating Bar-B-Que! The coffee shop, Caveat Coffee, reminded us of Portland as we sat on the back patio refueling for the next show. Coincidentally, the owner from that coffee shop just took a trip to Portland to visit Good Coffee! One of our favorites up back in PDX! It’s amazing that however far you may travel, you can still find pieces of home. In the evening we made our way to Dreamland Bar-B-Que and what a dream it was. The whole experience was effing-fantastic. As we walked in we were taken aback by the alluring smell to quickly find the huge, open ovens inside with the cooks preparing the food right next to us. One thing we weren’t used to was the sliced white bread to accompany the meal--it seemed to double as a napkin/appetizer. 


Atlanta, Georgia // The last food stop before we flew home was a pleasant surprise in the airport. The whole time we didn’t have any chicken & waffles and walking to our gate we saw none-other-than a chicken and waffles place, accurately called "Chicken + Beer". The food was awesome and it helped get us through the long flight back to PDX.

If music be the food of love then food be the music of the road. Please, feel free to hit us up with your favorite spots around town when we are in your area!

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