Writing for Other Artists

There is so much to learn about this industry. Through the years we’ve always thought our writing styles were attractive, interesting, and unique. But when other artists reach out to you expressing that same feeling, that’s when things change. We cannot let the cat our of the bag at the moment, but writing for other artists is so exciting.

Opportunities like this did not even cross our minds until recently. Mainly because we don’t know how to get ahold of these great artists. It’s not like we can text John Mayer and say “Hey man, what do you think of this new ballad? Do you want it or can we release it on our next album? Let us know. Oh, and we’ll see you later tonight at Pharrell’s birthday party! ttyl. Xoxo.”


No, we are not currently co-writing with Mayer. But, hopefully, someday! We have recently been approached to write a ballad with a popular female artist. The process was exhilarating and a learning experience in the best way possible. Studying another artist’s range and style, talking with their team, compiling and writing multiple song options, getting sweaty palms as you reflect on who you’re writing with, then sending off tracks that will compliment their sound.

Erik described it as, “Pure adrenaline. I know that doesn’t make sense considering we are writing a ballad… but still. This is crazy isn’t it?!”

The time we took to write for another artist was awesome. We can’t say much more, but it seems like every day a new door opens to a room filled with opportunity. Thank you to the nameless artist(s) in this blog post. It was a pleasure working with you! Stay connected with us over social media for more immediate updates.

- My Brothers And I

Brotherly Highlight - David

Brotherly Highlight - Jordan